Wednesday, June 20, 2007

25 Years with Don Bosco!

Today as I was assisting the boys in the playground, a thought suddenly came to me. It was around this time 25 years ago that I entered Don Bosco (in Tarlac) as a student! Yes, this year, I am 25 years a Bosconian! I have always considered that day as a point of reference in my life.I looked at the first year boys and I remembered my first days as a Bosconian, albeit I was younger then, at grade four. But I am sure many things are the same for our Benjamins. There is the novelty of being able to run around freely, even play basketball or football during breaks. There were the Salesians who moved around chatting with the students—“wasting time” with them. These were the very things that touched me in those days and those that greatly influenced me to remain in Don Bosco, the seed that led me later on to decide to become a Salesian.In these musings I realize that this year is indeed a moment of grace; I have thought about this only today: that after 25 years I would be working closely with Bosconians. In 1982, I was welcomed by Salesians to a Don Bosco school; 25 years later I, a Salesian myself, am welcoming new students in a Don Bosco school. Indeed, what goes around comes around!With this reflection I have invited those working in this apostolate--both Salesians and lay educators alike: make the first days of our Bosconians pleasantly memorable. That was my experience, my very own.
(Fr. Joel N. Camaya, SDB. June 14, 2007)