Sunday, October 14, 2007


High School Department
Canlubang, Calamba City


  1. A student is required to secure an examination permit from the Accounting Office which he is to present to the proctor prior to taking his examinations. No students shall be allowed to take the examination without the validated permit from the Accounting the Office.
  2. Student should proceed to the classroom assigned to them for their examinations.
  3. There will be two bell signals. The first bell is for the students to form their lines, and the second bell will be for the students to keep quiet, then proceed to their assigned classrooms, and start their examination.
  4. There will be breaks in between periods of examination for the students to attend to their personal needs. No student is allowed to go out (Comfort room, drinking fountain) of the classroom once the examinations have started
  5. An examinee that comes late is not entitled to any extension of the examination period.
  6. Only the examination paper/s, a ball pen, and the permit should be on top of the examinee’s armchair (unless the equipment / paraphernalia are required by the subject teacher); other materials are considered cheating materials. Strictly NO BORROWING OF EQUIPMENT / PARAPHERNALIA.
  7. CHEATING is a major offense. A student caught cheating is given a final score of zero in that particular exam.
  8. An examinee may quietly leave the examination classroom only after having officially submitted the test paper to the proctor. He is not allowed to loiter around the corridors as well as in the rooms where examinations take place.

Noted by:
Fr. Joel N. Camaya, SDB

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