Tuesday, February 3, 2009


03 February 2009

Dear Fellow Parents,

Peace and all good!

During the last Board meeting of our Parents’ Council, the following activities were approved for our Family Day affair on Sunday, February 8, 2009:

8:00 am Holy Eucharist
10:00 am Basketball Game Parents vs Salesians
(At halftime break: Raffle of First 3 of the 12 consolation prizes)
11:00 am Mixed Volleyball ( Selection among parents)
(After the Game – Raffle of 3 consolation prizes)
Parlor Games
11:30 am Lunch Pot luck
12:00 nn Program Proper

· 1st Set of Music by the Band
· Song Number - Student No. 1 Orig Composition.
· Raffle of 3 consolation prizes
· Song Numbers by Teacher August mortera ( 2 songs)
· Song Numbers by Jenny Dasalla and John Dasalla with the band
· Song Number – Student No. 2 Orig Composition
· Song Number – Student No. 3 Orig Composition
· Raffle of 3 consolation prizes
· Song numbers by Teacher Maricor Barba (2 songs) with the band
· Song Numbers by parent Baby Endaya (2 songs) with the band
· Raffle of 3rd Prize
· Song Number – Student No. 4 Orig Composition
· Song Number – Student No. 5 Orig Composition
· Raffle of 2nd Prize
· Song Number – Student No. 6 Orig Compostion
· Music Jam with the band
· Closing Remarks by Joven Senados – Parents’ Council president

Everybody is enjoined to bring food (for lunch and snacks) that you can put on the table which will be provided for each year level.

The raffle prizes will consist of 12 sacks (25 kgs) of rice, as consolation prizes, and 3 major prizes as follows:

3rd prize : Free books for School Year 2009-2010 (or PhP5,000.00)
2nd prize : One-half of tuition fee free for School Year 2009-2010 (or PhP15,000.00)
1st prize : Full tuition fee free for School Year 2009-2019 (or PhP30,000.00),

Important Note: the option for cash is only available if the child, whose name was drawn, is a fourth year high school student and thus no longer enrolling next year.

Winners of consolation prizes will still be qualified for the major prizes. However, if his name is drawn again, he should choose only one and another name will be drawn for the other prize. Raffle winners shall be drawn the names of our children. In order to qualify for the prize, the person must be present when his name is drawn.

We prepared for these activities confident of your support. So let this letter serve as an invitation for you, and your entire family, to attend our Family Day. We are also asking for your contribution in the amount of PhP150.00 per family. Please remit the amount to the cashier before February 8, 2009.

See you then!

Yours in Christ and in St. John Bosco,

Parents’ Council President



Note: The Report Cards (grades for the 3rd Quarter) will be distributed during the day.

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